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2001 - 2003

Nothing elaborate in 2001. As usual, Herb overlooks from the balcony. I also added the other skeleton to my car, and opted for a plastic jack-o-lantern instead of the real ones that self-petrified the year before.

This year I also put some interesting lighting effects in the window, and a "fluid projector" shining up onto the wall above the view on the right. I also started using lanterns as well. The flash from the camera obviously washes everything out.

I did almost exactly the same thing in 2001 and 2002, and didn't bother taking additional pictures (that I can find). I've been increasingly frustrated or discouraged with the lack of interest in the holiday in my neighborhood. I'll see some jack-o-lanterns and unadorned pumpkins, but not much else. Also, for the years 2000 through 2003, I had exactly two knocks on my door each time.

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