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Evolution of a Haunt

2005 Year one of the grave plot. Also, first of the custom artificial JOLs, first aged bones, and first glowing eyes.

2006 New lighting, scarecrow, talking skulls, and corn stalks. Also, stone wall "scene setters".

2007 New ghost, cauldron, and "crispy" skeleton.

2008 New haunted tree, dusty skeleton, coffin, and fence.

2009 New skeleton, ghost counterweight, more lights.

2010 Candles, new scarecrow head, new skeleton body for old head, new legs for previously legless skeletons, AC power for skulls, more blacklights for ghost.

2011 Return of the cornstalks & lanterns, more leaves, noose, coffin liner.

2012 Reduced display due to Hurricane Sandy and time constraints. No new props, except a previously unused reaper.

2013 New location. Adapted props for the yard instead of concrete driveway. Electrified more pumpkins. Added luminaria jars and blinky-googly eyes.
2014 Experimentation with fog, pumpkins, lights. Otherwise little change.
2015 Four new gravestones.
2016 Two new plastic skeletons, and a pair of ghosts. Orange lights on left-side tree. Replaced several Jack-o-Lanterns.
2017 New wooden fence sections.
2018 Two new gravestones, repositioned skeletons to be more upright.
2019 Sick, and bad weather. Display was minimal. Added small white pumpkins as walkway boundary. Turned graveyard 45 degrees for visibility from the driveway.
2020 Two additional plastic skellies, LED accent floods, LED blacklights for ghost, light boxes, candy patch, and two new gravestones.
2021 More fence sections, with more painting, "Candymat" (laundry line for candy), one more gravestone, another plastic skeleton, additional lighting.

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