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Me, 2004, at Scary Perry. Image wholly stolen from this fine fellow's site.
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Like 2001 to 2003, there was nothing elaborate in 2004. Getting increasingly discouraged by the lack of Halloween spirit in my area, I jumped at the chance to visit another neighboorhood's event up in MD. This particular place gets into the whole thing. They shut down the street to traffic, and every house is decorated. There is trick-or-treating, costumes, elaborate sets, you name it. What began as a couple of families trying to out-do each other for several years became a street-wide event.

I had a blast. The picture you see here is my contribution. I attended as skeletal fellow (Grim Reaper, perhaps?), and managed to freak out a lot of people with slow movements, long stillness, and silent approaches from behind. Muahaha! :)

Some people were completely fooled into thinking I was a manequin, until I started to move slighly, tracking their movements with my head. People asked me how I got so good at that. The trick, as strange as it may seem, was to model my movements after reptiles. The way they slowly, but gracefully, turn their heads, and silently watch you. With the right mask, this becomes very creepy.

Back at home I left the typical decorations up, with Herb on the balcony and lights in the windows. But I wasn't home.

This year I did however start to collect a few of the Lemax "Spooky Town" items, with a haunted graveyard theme.

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