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Chronology of my creatures and props.


(2000) Skeleton - Herb

My first and most loyal servant. He watches silently from the balcony every Halloween.

The skeleton is a 4th quality anatomical model obtained in 2000, and later "aged" in 2005.

(2000) Latex Skeleton

Cheap latex prop from Spencers. For several years it found random locations, including hanging out of my car door. Photo is from 2005 when it hung from the balcony railing.


(2005) Collapsed Skeleton

This started out as a test of the glowing eyes and "aging" technique of using various acrylic paints. It turned into a disarticulated skeleton to place in the grave plot.

(2005) Grave Scene

Without a yard, and only a concrete driveway, creating a spooky graveyard is a challenge. I didn't let that stop me. This was also the first year of having more interesting lighting and custom artificial jack-o-lanterns.


(2006) Original scarecrow version - Detritus

My 2006 scarecrow... I leave it to you to decide if the skull is being ejected or consumed. The poor soul whose body has turned into a gnarly wormy mass and whose head has turned into a pumpkin is strung up on a post for all time.

(2006) Talking Skulls

These use the "Scary Terry" designs. Specifically, they're the talking skull kits from Cowlacious Designs.


(2007) Burnt Skeleton - Crispin, aka Mr. Crispy

This "crematorium escapee" is burnt and covered in ash.

(2007) Flying Crank Ghost - Inky

I figured my first ghost should be named after a relatively famous blue ghost from decades ago.


(2008) Dusty/Webbed Skeleton #1 - Dustin

Webbed and painted in light grey and white, for that dry and dusty "straight from the sarcophagus" sort of look.

(2008) Haunted Tree

Nearly 10 cans of Great Stuff foam, and aluminum window screening, this tree is designed to wrap around and hide the column for my balcony.


(2009) Dusty/Webbed Skeleton #2 - Webster

Webbed and painted in light grey and black, for that dry and dusty "straight from the sarcophagus" sort of look.


(2010) Pumpkin Skeleton - Harvey

A new prop whose basis is the old head from the scarecrow. This time it's a skeleton whose head is half pumpkin.

(2010) Scarecrew v2.0 - Detritus version 2

The scarecrow has a new head, turning it virtually into a new prop.

(2010) Graveyard Candles

LED candles modified for AC power from a common transformer.

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