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DETRITUS n. debris. eroded material. disintegrated matter.

The pumpkin is paper mache attached to a 2-piece ACC plastic skull. The body is Great Stuff spray-foam and newspaper.

It stands approximately 7.5 feet from the base of the pole (7' at the eyes).

Painting of the head ultimately ended up using 7 colors. The pumpkin contains a black base coat, which shows through in the crevices and enhances the detail, over which another base coat of brown was applied. Over this I sprayed Cinnamon paint to create highlights and brighten the color, over which I drybrushed Burnt Orange to bring out the ridges and texture. A wash of Burnt Umber was added to the interior of the eyes and mouths (and eye-channel connecting the central eyes), and over the surface of the skull (which had a brushed layer of antique white over the same brown and black spray layers from the pumpkin). The photos, as a result, make the 3D texture pop-out more than it does physically, and still looks like mostly one color, which it isn't.

I used similar techniques on the body. It really is that lumpy, however. :)

This scarecrow won 3rd place in the 2006 HauntForum.com scarecrow competition.

There is also a WMV Detritus Video on the movies page, and below:


2-Piece Skull                =  $7.98
Great Stuff                  =  $9.94
Cross (Two 1x2x8, One 1x2x6) =  $7.91
Newspaper                    =   Free
Wire+Rope Scraps             =   Free
Paper Towels                 <  $1
6yd Cheese Cloth             =  $5.58
Tape, Glue, Nails, Staples   <  $2
Paint                        < $10
Rit Dye                      =  $2.19
TOTAL	< $46.60

(Consumables, such as paper, paint, adhesives, etc, are pro-rated -- high approximations based on how little was used)

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