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October 30 & 31

The master carefully placed the remains of his minions, and lit the candles in preparation. As the night drew close, and the veil between this world and the next began to thin, the spirits started to rise. Life gradually returned to the cold, dead bones. Eyes began to glow as the flames flickered gently. For a night, the undead would watch over the world of the living... silent and motionless.

Thanks to pumpkinrot

Back to reality...

It's amazing how cyclical things in life can be. The year I return to my Halloween exploits is coincidentally the same year I also managed to revisit Disney World and once again enjoy their fabulous Haunted Mansion (my first visit there being right between the first two halloweens in which I created my own haunted house, giving me ideas and inspiration to make it interesting on my second try). This year, we were lucky enough to have the ride break down when we were overlooking the ball room... we had several minutes to take in the detail of what may be the world's largest pepper's ghost display. I have pictures from our vacation.

My haunt is still a lot smaller and less elaborate than I would like, but I'll probably add a little each year. My location is not conducive to trick-or-treaters or to yard-haunts, but I'm doing what I can. :)

You can see some pictures and information from the setup and construction of this year's haunt.

This year I got to visit Makaabe Manor (Oct 29), as well as Scary Perry (Oct 31).

Graves and Skellie

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