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GLOSSARY of Halloween and Haunt Terminology

Bucky & Blucky- Buckies are life-size (usually 4th quality) skeletons from the Halloween section of Anatomical Chart Company, otherwise known as Bucky's Boneyard.

Bluckies, on the other hand, are very inexpensive "blown-plastic" skeletons found in various retail stores. The name is a play on "Bucky".

Dot Room- A dark room with glow-in-the-dark dots on the walls, probably illuminated with a black-light.
FCG- Abbreviation for "Flying Crank Ghost". More information and plans can be found at Phantasmechanics
Ground breaker- Also called a "ground burster", a half-bodied prop that appears to be climbing out of the ground. In actuality, the legs and part of the torso don't exist, and it can stand on the surface of the ground.
JOL- Abbreviation for "Jack-O-Lantern"
Scareactor- Literallly, "scare actor". A play on the word "character". A costumed individual who interacts with or scares the guests.
Stalk-About- An oversized costume, usually significantly taller than the actor that wears it, requiring the operator to see out from somewhere in the monster's chest.
Toe Pincher- Hexagonal style coffin
TOT or TOTer- Abbreviation for "Trick-Or-Treater"

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