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My story is similar to anyone else who uses the title "Haunter". It all started when I was a kid, Trick-or-Treating for candy throughout the local neighborhood. At first, like most kids, I was easily scared, and had a parent as a chaperone. As I got older, Halloween night would become the night where we kids could run free, with costumes and pretend mayhem.

Every once in a while, you'd see a house decorated. Spooky props and spider webs, gravestones, and perhaps spooky music or sound effects. Back then, most of what I had seen was not very elaborate, but it made an impression. In the middle of my grade-school years, a trip to Disney World's Haunted Mansion as well as a school haunted house project set me upon a path that would remain with me to this day.

After the last run of my home haunted-house at the end of high school, I would enter into a "dark age"... only to re-emerge years later. The seed had been planted... years of wanting to do more, until I finally did!

My humble beginnings started in 1985, though the more interesting part of the story began in 2005.

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